Benefits of Equinenz Premium Wool Horse Products

Equinenz products are made from a premium wool fabric specifically designed for horses. The wool is of a special micron to ensure the fabric always has bounce. The bounce helps to absorb shock and pressure, plus it allows the circulation of air through the wool, this airflow ensures a constant temperature. Please note our wool will not feel as soft as merino wool but the softer the wool the more it compresses and the less airflow that can circulate.

  • Prevents rubbing (great for sensitive horses)
  • Machine washable
  • Regulates temperature (keeps muscles warm on cold days and prevents overheating on hot days)
  • Shock absorbing
  • Draws sweat away from the horse
  • Helps to alleviate pressure points
  • 100% wool (most competitor products are a synthetic wool blend, the Equinenz unique manufacturing process achieves the same durability without the synthetic fibres)

Ethical aspects:

  • Equinenz wool comes from sheep that don't require mulesing
  • Equinenz wool products are made from shorn sheep as opposed to sheepskin. We think the sheep prefer this :) with the added benefit that the whole fabric is more breathable because the knitted wool backng is far more breathable than a skin backing.