About Us

Equinenz has been making premium wool equine products for over 15 years. Our internationally acclaimed wool technology was designed to protect horses from skin rub, back and leg injuries.
Equinenz is committed to making wool products that improve the comfort of the horse. We won't comprise on the quality of the wool or follow the fashion fads that lower performance.
Designed to protect the horse from skin rub, back and leg injuries.
Our unique manufacturing process ensures the wool always has bounce. This bounce helps to absorb shock and pressure, plus it allows the circulation of air through the wool, this airflow ensures a constant temperature. Soft wools compress more easily, lowering the ability to circulate air and absorb impact. Our wool may not feel as soft as some but it performs better and gives you a happier, more comfortable horse.
Originally started in New Zealand, Equinenz was purchased by Ashbree Saddlery and moved to Australia in 2014. We continue to export our products to New Zealand, Europe, UK, Japan and the United States.